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Sorry, no results found! Click here to reset your search filters. The safety of each facility has been established in facility-specific safety analysis reports SARs. Each SAR contains an analysis of risk from seismic events to both on- site workers and the off- site population. Both radiological and chemical releases are considered, and air and water pathways are modeled. Risks to the general public are generally characterized by evaluating exposure to the maximally exposed individual located at the SRS boundary and to the off- site population located within 50 miles.

Overall risk to the off- site population from such initiators is not covered by the individual SARs. In such cases multiple facility radionuclide or chemical releases could occur, and off- site exposure would be greater than that indicated in a single facility SAR. As a step towards an overall site -wide risk model that adequately addresses multiple facility releases, a site -wide seismic model for determining off- site risk has been developed for nuclear facilities at the SRS.

Risk from seismic events up to the design basis earthquake DBE of 0. Present plans include expanding the scope of the model to include other types of initiators that can simultaneously affect multiple facilities. Both Goodwin ref 1 and Clark ref 2 investigated off- site monitoring of commercial nuclear power reactoze by the collection of cesium and neodynium Economical generation of electrical power requires a long sus- tained fission cycle whereas Pu Federal Register , , , , Suitability Criteria for Nuclear Power Stations. Results on estimation of modern radioecological situation at nuclear explosion "Chagan" based on large-scale cartographic studies of a test area 4 km2 are presented.

Maximum gamma-irradiation doses were observed at bulk of ground surrounded a crater and at radioactive fall-outs extended to the North-East and to the SouthWest from the crater. Natural decrease of soil radioactivity up to safety level due to 60Co, Cs, 90Sr, Eu, Eu radioactive decay and Am accumulation-decay will not take place within the next 60 years at the studied area.

The effect of population and certain environmental characteristics on the availability of land for siting nuclear power plants was assessed. The study area, consisting of the 48 contiguous states, was divided into 5 kilometer km square grid cells yielding a total of , cells. Through the use of a modern geographic information system, it was possible to provide a detailed analysis of a quite large area.

Numerous maps and statistical tables were produced, the detail of which were limited only by available data. Evaluation issues included population density, restricted lands, seismic hardening, site preparation, water availability, and cost factors. Nuclear facility decommissioning and site remedial actions: a selected bibliography.

This bibliography contains references with abstracts on the subject of nuclear facility decommissioning, uranium mill tailings management, and site remedial actions.

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Foreign, as well as domestic, literature of all types - technical reports, progress reports, journal articles, conference papers, symposium proceedings, theses, books, patents, legislation, and research project descriptions - has been included in this publication. The bibliography contains scientific basic research as well as applied technology , economic, regulatory, and legal literature pertinent to the US Department of Energy's Remedial Action Program.

The references within each chapter are arranged alphabetically by leading author. References having no individual author are arranged by corporate author or by title. Indexes are provided for 1 author; 2 corporate affiliation; 3 title; 4 publication description; 5 geographic location; and 6 keywords. An appendix of bibliographic references without abstracts or indexes has been included in this bibliography. This appendix represents literature identified but not abstracted due to time constraints. External doses of residents near Semipalatinsk nuclear test site.

Accumulated external radiation doses of residents near the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site of the former USSR are presented as a results of study by the thermoluminescence technique for bricks sampled at several settlements in and The external doses that we evaluated from exposed bricks were up to about cGy for resident.

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The external doses at several points in the center of Semipalatinsk City ranged from a background level to 60 cGy, which was remarkably high compared with the previously reported values based on military data. The nuclear bomb testing conducted at the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site in Kazakhstan is of great importance for today's radiation protection research, particularly in the area of low dose exposures.

This type of radiation is of particular interest due to the lack of research in this field and how it impacts population health. In order to understand the possible health effects of nuclear bomb testing, it is important to determine what studies have been conducted on the effects of low dose exposure and dosimetry, and evaluate new epidemiologic data and biological material collected from populations living in proximity to the test site.

With time, new epidemiological data has been made available, and it is possible that these data may be linked to biological samples. Next to linking existing and newly available data to examine health effects, the existing dosimetry system needs to be expanded and further developed to include residential areas, which have not yet been taken into account. The aim of this paper is to provide an overview of previous studies evaluating the health effects of nuclear testing, including some information on dosimetry efforts, and pointing out directions for future epidemiologic studies.

Radiological investigations at the "Taiga" nuclear explosion site : Site description and in situ measurements. In the summer of , we performed a field survey of the "Taiga" peaceful underground nuclear explosion site , the Perm region, Russia The explosion was carried out by the USSR in This paper provides an extended summary of the available published data on the "Taiga" experiment.

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A detailed description of the site is illustrated by original aerial and ground-level photos. The ground lip surrounding the lake is covered by a newly grown mixed forest. Two hot spots were detected on the eastern bank of the lake. Periodic monitoring the site is recommended. Draft environmental assessment: Lavender Canyon site , Utah. Nuclear Waste Policy Act Section In February , the US Department of Energy DOE identified the Lavender Canyon site in Utah, as one of nine potentially acceptable sites for a mined geologic repository for spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste.

To determine their suitability, the Lavender Canyon site and the eight other potentially acceptable sites h. However, given the time gap of up to three months between images pre- and post-event , which was coincident with a period of heavy typhoon flooding in the area1, it is not possible to determine whether the small landslides were exclusively explosion induced, the consequence of heavy rainfall erosion, or some combination of the two. Regulatory requirements for nuclear power plant site selection in Malaysia-a review.

Malaysia has initiated a range of pre-project activities in preparation for its planned nuclear power programme. Clearly one of the first steps is the selection of sites that are deemed suitable for the construction and operation of a nuclear power plant.

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Here we outline the Malaysian regulatory requirements for nuclear power plant site selection, emphasizing details of the selection procedures and site characteristics needed, with a clear focus on radiation safety and radiation protection in respect of the site surroundings. To enhance the suitability criteria during selection, as well as to assist in the final decision making process, possible assessments using the site selection characteristics and information are proposed. A strong trend of returning to nuclear power is evident in different places in the world.

Forty-five countries are planning to add nuclear power to their grids and more than 66 nuclear power plants are under construction. Nuclear power plants that generate electricity and steam need to improve safety to become more acceptable to governments and the public. One novel practical solution to increase nuclear power plants' safety factor is to build them away from urban areas, such as offshore or underground.

To date, Land-Based siting is the dominant option for siting all commercial operational nuclear power plants. However, the literature reveals several options for building nuclear power plants in safer sitings than Land-Based sitings. The alternatives are several and each has advantages and disadvantages, and it is difficult to distinguish among them and choose the best for a specific project. In this research, we recall the old idea of using the alternatives of offshore and underground sitings for new nuclear power plants and propose a tool to help in choosing the best siting technology.

This research involved the development of a decision model for evaluating several potential nuclear power plant siting technologies, both those that are currently available and future ones. The model considers five major dimensions, social, technical, economic, environmental, and political STEEP , and their related criteria and sub-criteria. The model was designed and developed by the author, and its elements' validation and evaluation were done by a large number of experts in the field of nuclear energy.