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ITM says the latest HIV figures show that combination prevention is working.

In addition to an educational programme for young people, the BAH also offers the rapid HIV-test or testing for sexually transmitted infections anonymously in the counselling centre. From our wide range of services we would like to describe some of the ones that experience has shown are utilised by people who either speak no German at all, or only very little.

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Our premises are barrier-free. Addresses of other venues are shown at the end of the respective entry. English and German are spoken by all receptionists.

The HIV-positive man who stopped thousands getting the virus - BBC

The other languages spoken by different colleagues at reception are Polish, Russian, Spanish and French. We offer general advice, as well as advice on health insurance, problems with bureaucracy, job searches, medical issues and counselling for specific target groups; all HIV-related issues including the social and financial consequences of the illness, as well as, for example, its relevance for legal residency.

Please come at one of the following times if you only speak one of these languages although, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the person who speaks the language you require will be on the premises when you come here , or call first for an appointment.

In addition, counsellors can also arrange for you to be accompanied by a voluntary worker in an individual case. We also offer tests for syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases for gay men and non-gay men who have sex with men. Due to the strong occupation of our testing hours it is highly recommended to make an anonymous appointment in advance: Persons without an appointment will be accepted as long as our capacities suffice.

Thanks for your understanding.

First Belgian study to test use of preventive HIV medication

A number of different discussion, sports, relaxation and artistic groups meet in the Berliner Aids-Hilfe. You can find out more about current groups and what they offer at the BAH. If you are interested in volunteering for the Berlin Aids Hilfe simply come along to one of our monthly information evenings. Freiwillige gesucht. Direkt zum Inhalt.

ITM also works with general practitioners to offer pro-active testing to groups at increased risk of HIV. As a result of frequent testing, the time between HIV diagnosis and the start of antiretroviral treatment is becoming shorter. This in turn results in fewer infections. Since June , this innovative method is reimbursed for the groups who are most at risk of an HIV infection.

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In the coming years, we will discover whether PrEP can indeed result in a further reduction in the number of new HIV diagnoses in Belgium. This will depend largely on the support and care surrounding PrEP, as well as the correct use of the preventive pill.

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The four-episode series focusses on the major health challenges and ITM's search for solutions. This supports their hypothesis that the couple was infected by a malaria-carrying mosquito that arrived in Belgium via an airport. Previous Next.